Creational Design Patterns

Provide ways to instantiate single objects or groups of related objects.

Abstract factory pattern

The abstract factory pattern is used to provide a client with a set of related or dependent objects. The "family" of objects created by the factory are determined at runtime.

Builder pattern

The builder pattern is used to create complex objects with constituent parts that must be created in the same order or using a specific algorithm. An external class controls the construction algorithm.

Factory pattern

The factory pattern is used to replace class constructors, abstracting the process of object generation so that the type of the object instantiated can be determined at runtime.

Prototype pattern

The prototype pattern is used to instantiate a new object by copying all of the properties of an existing object, creating an independent clone. This practice is particularly useful when the construction of a new object is inefficient.

Singleton pattern

The singleton pattern ensures that only one object of a particular class is ever created. All further references to objects of the singleton class refer to the same underlying instance.


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